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Third Sheep Flock Event

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The first of these ‘Sheep Flock’ events was held in 2011, as an accompaniment to the annual Trail Walking Festival in Tinahely. After two years of successful grazing, the sheep flock is back, and better than before. Each artist, starting from a uniform steel template, has worked through the Winter to create their own individual take on Wicklow’s familiar woolly friends. They comprise of approximately two dozen 2 and 3 Dimensional metal sheep (almost one meter in length and more than half a meter tall, with some smaller lambs), each of which will be customized by individual artists in a variety of styles and materials. Each sheep will have an ear tag identifying its designer, and the flock will make a striking visual display throughout the village. For the rest of the summer, the eye catching sheep and their lambs will be situated out and about in Tinahely in unexpected locations around town, to be enjoyed by residents and visitors sampling our wonderful location and outdoor pursuits. The sheep flock will be on display around the village this year up until
Culture Night in September, which will provide a fitting platform and finale for our 2013 Sheep Flock.

Tinahely Sheep Flock by Tinahely Arts Group on Tinahely Square (2)
Tinahely Arts Group is a collective of 22 artists and craftspeople, all living and working in the Tinahely area. Members and their work represent a wide and diverse range of disciplines and media, including painting and drawing, photography, sculpture, textiles and ceramics, glassware and metalwork. Formed in June 2010, the group seeks to share knowledge and techniques, pool resources, and work together on projects to promote awareness of the wealth of creativity in the region. In addition, members combine to ensure
that the arts and crafts heritage of South Wicklow is visible in as many local events and tourism initiatives as possible, and to contribute their talents to community enhancement projects.

Come along on Saturday, April 20th for the opening on Dwyer Square, Tinahely, Co Wicklow at 3.30 pm.

Culture Night Celebrations

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Culture Night is not restricted to urban centres – a unique, and highly interactive, Culture Night experience will be on offer in the picturesque town of Tinahely in South Wicklow this September 21st. Spearheaded by the local arts group, TAG, this small town will host a shop-window art exhibition featuring work in sculpture, textiles, light, paint and a plethora of other media. Temporary two- and three-dimensional artwork, as well as performance and projected images, will explore through both English and Irish text the contemporary and historical story of this distinctive village. An interactive demonstration of thrown pottery will take place, featuring Christien Van Bussel, a Dutch ceramicist and woodturner now resident in the area. For children,
there will be a giant, 3-D interactive game of “Hangman”. The beloved Tinahely Sheep Flock – a site-specific installation which has been an annual fixture since 2010 and showcases the diverse talents of the TAG members – will return to the market square on Culture Night too, and this year the public will have a chance to
participate by creating their own sheep on blackboards, assisted by members of the group.

The Culture Night festivities will spill over into the weekend, as TAG present an arts and crafts fair on Sunday 23rd September from 11am at the Tinahely Farm Shop (recently voted one of the Irish Times 50 Best Shops in Ireland). The wonderful Courthouse Arts Centre will also be open on Culture Night (www.tinahely-courthouse.ie). So, just over an hour’s drive from Dublin, Tinahely is undoubtedly the place to be this Culture Night. Events will all take place in and around Dwyer Square in the centre of the village, starting at 5pm, and are free of charge.

Details on how to get there, where to stay, and what else to do during your visit (not forgetting this is one of the best walking hubs in Leinster) can all be found at www.tinahely.ie.

Culture Night is a Temple Bar Cultural Trust initiative in partnership
with the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and
Wicklow Local Authorities. www.culturenight.ie

Catalogue of Tinahely Sheep Flock

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The Tinahely Sheep Flock Catalogue makes it easier for you to identify the sheep, their names, their makers and not least their location.

Click here to download: TAG – Tinahely Sheep Flock Exhibition Catalogue 2012

Sheep postcards are on sale in Chamber’s Gala shop, at The Tinahely Farm Shop, Symes Newsagent and at D’Lish Coffee Shop.

Launch Of Tinahely Sheep Flock

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The Tinahely Sheep Flock 2012 was launched on April 14th and will be on display in the village of Tinahely until Culture Night on Friday September 21st. A handful of the sheep will make an appearance at Art In Action at Farmleigh at the May Bank Holiday weekend. They will also make an appearance at the Wicklow Arts Festival 2012.




Sheep Exhibition Opening

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Tinahely Sheep Flock 2012

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The Tinahely Arts Group are busy preparing for the launch of the Tinahely Sheep Flock in connection with the Walking Festival taking place on April 13th, 14th and 15th. Yesterday saw the beginning of the assembly of the sheep and their logs.

Sheep preparation by members
of Tinahely Arts Group 2012

There will be more activity on Wednesday as the sheep will start to move into their summer homes. On Saturday April 14th at 4.00 pm we launch the sheep officially on Dwyer Square and we hope you will join us!

Sheep Spring Back Into Action

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The curious Tinahely Art Sheep Flock has multiplied and re-configured and are bursting to leap into action on the roads in the village yet again after having been nurtured in artists sheds over the winter. The Art Sheep Flock will spring up in Tinahely this April in time to join the annual Trail Walking Festival on April 14th & 15th, 2012. The sheep are created by the members of TAG (Tinahely Arts Group). Each artist, starting from a template, has worked through the winter to create their own individual take on Wicklow’s familiar woolly friends. The results are diverse and quirky while adding a fun dimension to the renowned Walking Festival. The sheep will be “grazing” around the town and surrounding area for the summer and hope to see “ewe”!

The Tinahely Sheep Flock was launched in 2011 and they comprise of approximately two dozen 2 and 3 dimensional metal sheep (almost one meter in length and more than half a meter tall, with some smaller lambs), each of which will be customized by individual artists in a variety of styles and materials.

The flock is celebrating Tinahely’s history as a vibrant market town and will be unveiled  at Market Square, Tinahely on the Festival Weekend, on Saturday April 14th 2012 at 4.00 pm.

We hope to see “ewe”!

Tinahely Culture Night 2011

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The Tinahely Arts Group would like to thank you for joining us in celebrating Culture Night in Tinahely and not least our successful Arts & Craft Fair on Sunday too.

Sheep Postcards

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The Tinahely Sheep Flock postcards are now on sale in some local shops around the village of Tinahely. So far they can be bought at the Courthouse Arts Centre, The Farm Shop, D’Lish Coffee Shop, Chamber’s Gala and Lugduff Service Station.

We have split the sheep photos up to make 4 different and colourful cards. The cards retail at a price of €1.00 per card and €3.00 for 4 cards. Proceeds will go towards TAG for more fun art projects about Tinahely.

Two Sheep Gone Missing

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One of the wee lambs and one of the sheep from the Hacketstown Road has gone missing. Have you seen either of these sheep? If you have, please let us know. They are much missed.
This is not a joke, unfortunately.