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TAG In The Woods

In Art Of The Woods, Group Exhibition on February 26, 2013 at 16:35

TAG are repeating last year’s Art Of The Woods success on Bank Holiday Monday, March 18th from 11 onwards. You are welcome to come and enjoy artists at work.

Art of The Woods Project Poster 2013

These are the strict rules that TAG artists will adhere to:

● Use only material found in the forest (do NOT bring anything from outside the forest)

● Do not break branches off trees, use only debris found on the forest floor

● Do not disturb any large fallen branches- there are entire eco systems living in, under and around those.

● The only tools allowed will be a penknife

● No paper, no paints, no twine (can snag animals and birds)

● All scales of work are allowed from the smallest miniature

● The art created on the day will be left in the forest and be allowed to disintegrate (go back to nature) organically

● Remember that certain species of plants and animals may have preservation orders on them and must be left undisturbed ( frog-spawn, for example)

● Take care not to damage any living thing in the forest