Tinahely Arts Group

Art In The Woods – Rules of Engangement

In Group Exhibition on February 20, 2012 at 11:29

The working title for this project is “Mad as a March Hare”. The date is Saturday March 3rd 2012 @ 11.00 am in Tomnafinogue woods. The emphasis is on the mystique of the forest. The project will leave as little a footprint as possible in the forest to emphasis the fleeting nature of Man’s life on earth and the fact that we as a species are in control of how we interact with nature and the footprint we leave behind.

It is open to all TAG members to participate and it will be a public event to maximise exposure to the arts and involve them in the creative process and artists at work.

It is to be a Dogma event, and participants must operate within these guidelines:

Project Ground Rules:

  • Find your own space in the forest to work in.
  • Using only material found in the forest. (Do NOT bring anything from outside to the forest).
  • Do not break branches off any trees, use only debris found on the forest floor.
  • The only tools allowed will be a pen-knife and a small chisel.
  • No paper, no paints, no twine (can snag animals and birds)
  • No interference with squirrel count trials which are currently ongoing in the forest.
  • All scales of work are allowed from the smallest miniature.
  • Large logs and branches which are on the ground must be left undisturbed as they contain whole ecosystems e.g. bugs and beetles and so on.
  • The art created on the day will be left in the forest and be allowed to disintegrate (“go back to nature”) organically.
  • Remember that certain species and plants may have preservation orders on them. These must be left undisturbed.
  • Take care not to damage any living thing in the forest.

It is envisaged that the process will be documented with a view to publishing details of the project, perhaps in book form. Please bring your camera and take photos during the day as your art progresses.


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