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Tinahely Sheep Flock

In Group Exhibition, Tinahely Arts Group on January 13, 2011 at 13:48

TAG is currently working on a major public art project to coincide with the annual Tinahely Trail Walking Festival in 2011.  The Tinahely Sheep Flock will be comprised of approximately two dozen 2-dimensional metal sheep (almost one metre in length and more than half a meter tall, with some smaller lambs), each of which will be customised by individual artists in a variety of styles and materials.  The flock will celebrate Tinahely’s history as a vibrant market town and will be unveiled at a central location on the Festival Weekend, on Friday April 29th.  Each sheep will have an ear tag identifying its designer, and the flock will make a striking visual display for this busy weekend.

Sheep ready for artistic upgrade

For the rest of the summer, the eye-catching sheep and their lambs will be situated out and about in Tinahely, along the Railway Walk and in unexpected locations around town, to be enjoyed by residents and visitors enjoying our wonderful location and outdoor pursuits.  In the autumn the sheep will return to the Market Square, and will be taken home to over-winter with their artist owners. It is hoped that they will increase and multiply over the winter, as well as getting some refurbishment if needed, and will return to the roads and hills around Tinahely as an annual event.

Note: The Tinahely Sheep Flock project will be documented in images, words and video.

  1. Hi there, my name is Deborah and we have an arts group in Laragh which was formed last summer. On the last Fri of each month we have a Fireside Session at the Glendalough Green Shop in Laragh. Last night we had our second event and it ran with great success. We have speakers, music, poetry, films etc on the night which is free. Its a lovely event which we love hosting.
    I love your sheep Christine(pottery) phoned me yesterday at the Brockagh Centre where I work and told me all about your wonderful idea for the sheep..I will add you to our website can you do the same for us. Thank You

  2. It would be great to see pictures of the sheep in place.

  3. There will be pictures and much more, however, we needed to focus on actually getting them out and about first and foremost, so we ask for another portion of patience, please.

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